$200/month - enroll in the Subscriber Package article image

$200/month - enroll in the Subscriber Package

Many of you have asked for additional resources and support and we listened! We have been making some big changes at Artemis with our pricing model and are now offering a way for you to take advantage of all of the perks that our rental partners receive!

Pay $200/month to enroll in the Subscriber Package. You receive:

  • FREE gel
  • Reduced pricing on Referrizer
  • Ongoing device warranty
  • Increased multi-machine discounts
  • Access to owner training
  • Access to business coaching

For those purchase partners who subscribe monthly, you will receive various marketing and educational resources for free or costs are subsidized by us. We want your business to be successful and are here to help!


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One bottle of gel is $82.50. Usually businesses vary from 1L container (or two 500mL containers) a month to 3+. Amount purchased and used varies and depends on each business's activity. You can get an UNLIMITED supply of gel for FREE with the Subscriber Package.


Referrizer is a marketing automation tool. Our partners who have used Referrizer have greatly increased their online reviews, have an easy way to email/text customers to win-back, give offers, or send referrals. This is currently $179/month for you, but can be reduced to $100/month!

Device warranty: 

You won’t have to worry if something goes wrong with your device, we repair it for you!

As a purchase partner the device warranty is only 2 years from delivery date. Enroll in the Subscriber Package and you can get your device warranty covered for the lifetime of your device.

Multi-machine discounts: 

You currently receive 10% off additional device purchases. 

Enroll in the Subscriber Package and still receive 10% off additional purchased devices, but also receive 20% off any additional devices that you rent. And if you decide to rent an additional device, you’ll also be able to put 30% of all payments towards the buyout of that device.

If you have multiple devices you must enlist all devices to take advantage of the Subscriber Package. This will allow you to receive further discounts per month on your additional devices, and take advantage of all of the benefits:

2 devices: $175 each/month for Subscriber Package

3 or more devices: $150 each/month for Subscriber Package

Access to Owner Training and Business Coaching:

Both of these could be the difference in your business thriving and help increase your revenue with Artemis. 


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Minimum dollar amount savings/month adding device #2:

Savings on gel: $82.50 or more

Savings on Referrizer: $79.00

Multi-machine discount: $280.00 

Total: $441.50 - $200 = $241.50


Please email [email protected] with any questions or if you’d like more information!