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Lead by a team of motivational and informed professionals.

A 6 week program you can do anywhere on our App. Next group starts November 12th!

  • Nutrition Plan

    Nutrition Plan

    • Lead By A Registered Dietitian

    • Realistic Nutrition Plan To Fit Your Lifestyle

    • Recipes, Meal Guides & More

  • Fitness Plan

    Fitness Plan

    • Custom Workouts Straight To Your Phone

    • Designed By Experienced Trainers

    • Daily Motivation & Accountability

  • Our Program

    Our Program

    Anyone can find a good fitness and nutrition program, but who is going to hold you accountable and keep you motivated? With our 6 Week Program, you will have full access to a Personal Trainer and Registered Dietitian to guide you and answer any questions along the way. You will be assigned a workout plan and nutrition regimen for you to follow for the entire 6 weeks via the BODYFIT App. Don't worry, this plan is designed to fit your busy life. We're here to help you make lasting changes and we are committed to your results.