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Belly Card vs. Referrizer article image

Belly Card vs. Referrizer

Referrizer is a more affordable BellyCard alternative that makes it possible for you to make the most of your loyalty program.


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                               Top 4 reasons why Referrizer is the best Belly Card alternative.

Build your database article image

Build your database

Sometimes Belly Card will promote your business to their network of users, and this is a really fantastic way to catch the attention of people who are near you.

However, when you implement that kind of program, your customers also become part of their users’ network. Even worse, you are focusing on building their customer database and not your own.

Having a large list of customers who want to hear about your special deals is valuable for every business -- no matter how big or small.

With Referrizer, you are the only one who has control over your loyalty program's members.

"The text marketing and loyalty/referral are my favorite. I use texts to stay in contact with my students and to communicate changes in the schedule or the newsletter or special events. I like how the texts automatically go out to ask for reviews and referrals as well as let them know about their loyalty points" -- Sabrina S.

Yelp isn't your thing? article image

Yelp isn't your thing?

Using a loyalty program to increase reviews has been shown to work great. Belly Card recognizes that, so they make it possible for your customers to rate you on Yelp.

If Yelp isn’t your favorite review site -- or it simply doesn’t generate enough customers for you - asking customers to rate you there isn’t going to help.

Referrizer makes it possible for you to connect favorite review sites and increase reviews on them.

Build strong Facebook reviews, boost reviews on Google to get better SEO visibility or connect Tripadvisor -- with Referrizer, this is all possible.

"Have greatly increased the number of our reviews (from 30 to 160 in a year) and been able to weed out some of the negative ones" -- Haroon N.

Unlimited number of campaigns article image

Unlimited number of campaigns

Don't let a limited number of campaigns stop you from communicating with your most loyal customers.

When you are building a great relationship, customer service comes first, but it is hard to provide a good experience without communication.

Since you are growing your customer database with Referrizer, you are able to communicate with them as much as you want.

With unlimited campaigns, you can boost referrals from regular customers, get feedback or keep them informed about new products or changes.

"It makes it easy to communicate and send out marketing campaigns through email and text templates" -- Brandon Y. 

Control messages that your most loyal members receive article image

Control messages that your most loyal members receive

When your customers become part of a 3rd party loyalty program, you don't have any control over the messages they receive or their frequency.

As a business owner, we believe that you are the one who knows your customers the best.

Control the number of campaigns and types of messages you want to send to your customers to provide them with an amazing experience.

"I strongly recommend Referizzer to all businesses. It's easy to use and incorporate email, text and a loyalty program all In one. This one tool saves me a lot of time" -- Tammeca R.

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