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BirdEye vs. Referrizer article image

BirdEye vs. Referrizer

BirdEye alternative for small businesses.

Referrizer is the perfect reputation management solution that helps small businesses become top-rated in their area.

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                               We put Birdeye and Referrizer side by side. Discover which solution is better for you.

BirdEye’s pricing plan doesn’t suit your budget? article image

BirdEye’s pricing plan doesn’t suit your budget?

If you've already taken the extra steps to learn about the BirdEye pricing plan, you may realize that it is a bit pricey for the functionality you get. Choosing new software is a big decision, and only having a one-year plan available without the option of a free trial doesn't make it any easier.

With Referrizer, you don’t need to grab a credit card just to try it out. With 14 days of free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee*, you have enough time to test Referrizer and start getting reviews. On the other hand, if you realize BirdEye doesn't work for you - you're still locked into a one-year contract.

Do reviews disappear if you use the free trial and give up? Absolutely not. Any reviews you receive with Referrizer stay in your account. Even if you have collected enough reviews to blow your competitors out of the water and decide you don't need Referrizer anymore, the reviews will remain yours.

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I like how the texts automatically go out to ask for reviews and referrals as well as let them know about their loyalty points. I know how important it is to stay on their radar and Referrizer helps me do that.” Sabrina S.

Overpaying for BirdEye functionality you don't even use? article image

Overpaying for BirdEye functionality you don't even use?

BirdEye offers a full set of tools that are extra useful for large enterprises. However, all those tools can be overwhelming for small businesses and could make simple processes too complicated.

If BirdEye already seems like too much for your budget, you may end up paying for a feature that you are not going to use.

Referrizer is a budget-friendly BirdEye alternative that doesn't make collecting reviews complicated for you. Referrizer uses a simple but highly effective way of getting reviews that can set apart your business from the competition in only a few months.

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Have greatly increased the number of our reviews (from 30 to 160 in a year) and been able to weed out some of the negative ones. Easy to use use. Implementation and setup team were great. Ongoing training and support are great. Interfaces with our scheduling software (MindBody) so clients lists are automatically updated and automatically contacted for Reviews. Allows texting and emailing to clients.” Haroon N.

BirdEye alternative that grows your business, not only your reputation. article image

BirdEye alternative that grows your business, not only your reputation.

No question, BirdEye helps your business in different ways to catch the attention of potential clients. From SEO optimization and strong social proof to web chat and referrals.

If you don't want to rely on SEO to get clients, Referrizer can help you with

Attracting new clients to your business:

  • Website widget
  • Referrals
  • Strong social proof
  • Landing pages
  • Partner up network

Encouraging current clients to visit more often and spend money more frequently:

  • Loyalty program
  • Automated email and text campaigns

Winning back old clients:

  • Win-back email and text campaigns

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Prior to using Referrizer I was paying over 8 different companies a monthly fee for individual services and they weren't streamlined and didn't talk to each other. I have been able to save over $1,200 a month by streamlining all of my services by just using Referrizer. All of my metrics are in one place and each part of Referrizer grows over time and keeps building my marketing machine each week. I will never go back to the old way.” Chris S.

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