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F45 Training Bondi Junction

Membership Form


Membership Options*

 - Lifestyle - Minimum 12 Months - Billed $60 per week
 - Results-Minimum 6 Months - Billed $65 per week
 - Flexi - Minimum 3 Months - Billed $70 per week
 - No Contract - Billed $75 per week

Terms and Conditions - Minimum 12 Months*

 - I understand that this membership requires 2 weeks written notice of intent to cancel after the 12 months minimum term is completed. (Minimum 52 weekly payments must be reached before you can cancel)

Personal Details

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Terms and Conditions


After the initial period stated on the signed debit form, I understand the debit will continue passed the minimum term specified in this agreement until I give F45 a 2 weeks written notice from my next debit, of my intent to cancel the membership.

If I do not do this I agree that the weekly payments will continue until I send F45 a cancellation request via email to the studio email address and an acknowledgement email is received back. I acknowledge that I have been given the option of choosing a membership based on a weekly billing contract with the option of a week to week billing cycle.

I have chosen to pay my membership by either a weekly billing cycle or pre-pay for my entire membership. I am also aware that this contract is subject to a cooling off period of 7 days.

This is an ongoing membership contract. The contract will continue until F45 or I terminate it in accordance with this membership contract or early in accordance with item 6 of the membership terms and conditions (below).

If an automatic debit arrangement is in place, membership fees will continue to be debited from my debit/credit card or account until I or F45 cancels the arrangement by notifying my bank or credit provider.

If I terminate the contract or stop the automatic debit arrangement in a manner not prescribed in the Membership Terms & Conditions, I may be liable to F45 for damages for breach of contract.
I have received and had the opportunity to read the Membership Terms & Conditions, together with a copy of the Fitness Industry Code of Practice. It is important that you read and understand the terms and conditions that will apply to this membership contract before agreeing to it. Only agree to this application and agreement if you wish to be bound by the agreement and attached terms & conditions. I have understood and answered all of the above questions honestly. I understand that I should not exercise if I feel unwell and that if my health changes I should inform F45.

1. F45 takes no responsibility for any injury or damages that may occur (including but not limited to personal injury to the person, theft or damages to property of the person) whilst in the facilities or injuries or damages that may stem from using the facilities, including
whileinstruction of the personal trainers.under

2. F45 has the right to refuse any person/s subject to the sole discretion of management (acting reasonably).

3. In the event that you behave in an inappropriate manner within the gym premises, F45 have the right to cancel your membership (acting reasonably), with a non-refundable policy.

4. Members must always be wearing appropriate clothing whilst in the gym. This includes fully enclosed footwear and also non-offensive clothing at all times. Members must always train with a towel and be courteous of other members.

5. Members can put their membership on hold from time to time with 2 weeks notice . There is a $20 admin fee to every membership hold. A minimum of 2 weeks is required for a membership hold. A maximum of 4 weeks hold per year for a 12 month contract. There is a maximum of 2 weeks hold per year for all other membership types.

Suspension periods will not count towards Your contractual minimum term, and will extend any applicable minimum term by the number of suspended weeks taken. Membership may not be suspended during the notice period of a cancellation request.

6. I am responsible for any cost involved with pursuing any debt on my contract.

7. Membership prices may increase after the member’s minimum term is complete.

8. Membership cancelation. Memberships can be canceled in writing with 2 week’s notice to the studio email address.

9. Upfront Memberships is not refundable and you are not able to suspend. 

10. Membership payments via credit card will have an additional transaction fee of $1.50 applied on a weekly transaction (ie. $3 fortnightly or $6.50 monthly)