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We Help Beginners And Those With Injuries Transform Their Health With Hot Yoga

  • Our Signature Beginners Hot Yoga

    Our Signature Beginners Hot Yoga

    Our signature beginners Hot Yoga class is designed with the beginner and those with chronic pain in mind.

    Physically Challenging it will reshape your body with easing chronic pain and making you feel better then ever.

    All postures can be modified to accommodate physical limitations.

  • 26/2


    The Classic Hot Yoga series but offered in lower temp and shorter class times (60 minutes)

    We offer a compassionate version of this powerful series and allow for modification to accommodate physical limitations.

  • 30 Day Transformation Camp

    30 Day Transformation Camp

    This 30 day experience in which we help you set clear goals, redefine your nutrition and lifestyle habits, give you the accountablity and teach everything about creating a sustainable long term health routine.

    This program is THE reason we have so many positive reviews and has changed the lives of hundreds of our clients.

Here is what our students say!

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Customer Reviews

5 star star star star star

based on 2 reviews

  • Marlene C.

    Marlene C.


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    Friendly, affordable, fun, challenging! all I needed :)

  • Maria .

    Maria .


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    Truly love this...the best hour of my Saturday!

About The California Yoga Company

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Our goal is to provide you a community that is fun, safe and supportive of Hatha yoga practice. A place to get the individual attention and guidance to help you grow and change.

Many of our members come to us as beginners, with chronic injuries or unfavorable lifestyle habits. Where ever you are at or when you start it does not matter. With a regular practice, supportive teachers and community, your pain and life will change!

Our staff will make sure you get the personal attention you need. Our community at the studio is friendly and supportive. There is no “yoga attitude” at the C.Y.C.

Our beginner classes emphasize good solid basics and you will learn how to be safe in any yoga class. Gain an impressive amount of overall strength and flexibility through regular practice.

1586 bush st
San Francisco, CA, 94115