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ZipWhip vs. Referrizer

Solutions like Referrizer and ZipWhip are crucial for businesses that understand the importance of text communication with clients. Both solutions have their own ways of improving text communication, and to help you decide which solution works best for your business goals, we put both solutions side by side, so you can easily compare.


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                                             Referrizer as the best ZipWhip alternative.

Unite mass messages and text communication in one platform. article image

Unite mass messages and text communication in one platform.

It is good to communicate with customers through text messages, but it is even better to use this channel to generate engagement and boost revenue. While ZipWhip has increased its limit from 50 to 100 people in a group, this can still be a limitation if you want to reach out to a larger number of people at the same time.

With Referrizer, you don’t have any barriers when you are sending messages to people who opted in, so you can easily:

  1. Promote offers to leads that confirm they want to hear from you.
  2. Communicate with existing clients and get them to spend more.
  3. Reach out to past clients with attractive offers and win them back to your business.

“Email and text features let me connect with customers and reconnect with old customers. It helps me to keep all of my database informed and aware of new specials etc.” Craig A.

2 more tools for collecting leads. article image

2 more tools for collecting leads.

ZipWhip provides you a handy tool, Click-to-Text, that you can implement on your website so you can attract more leads. You can find the same tool in Referrizer.

As the best Zipwhip alternative, Referrizer provides you 2 more powerful lead capturing tools.

  1. Website widget is a more elegant and eye-catching tool that puts a spotlight on your best offers. By letting website visitors buy your offer immediately, you can collect leads or even create a direct impact on your sales.
  2. With Referrizer Smart line, collect leads that are calling your business number. Smart line automatically recognizes new clients and asks them if they want to learn more about your special offers. By doing so, you can be certain that marketing messages go only to people who have opted in.

“I have quit spending good money on bad leads. Referrizer has turned me into my own lead provider. I can now control the quality and quantity of REAL prospects at a fixed price.” Austin G.

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                          What are the advantages of using Referrizer as a ZipWhip alternative?

                In addition to 2-way text communication and text marketing, Referrizer gives you powerful tools to improve                                                                               your text communication performance.

Engage clients to come more often. article image

Engage clients to come more often.

Using the native loyalty program available in Referrizer, you can transform your text communication into a powerful method that boosts your clients’ engagement. You can use the native Loyalty program in combination with text marketing to:

  1. Introduce a loyalty program to new clients so you can start building relationships that will create long-lasting relationships with clients from the beginning.
  2. Notify loyal members when they have available rewards to claim.

“The text marketing and loyalty/referral are my favorite. I use texts to stay in contact with my students and to communicate changes in the schedule or the newsletter or special events. I like how the texts automatically go out to ask for reviews and referrals as well as let them know about their loyalty points. I know how important it is to stay on their radar and Referrizer helps me do that.” Sabrina S.

Get more reviews. article image

Get more reviews.

Get the most out of the high engagement that text marketing brings and start collecting reviews through text communication. With Referrizer, you can include a link in your messages and make it easy for people to rate you.

What is the difference between asking for a review yourself from being powered by Referrizer?

Referrizer Reputation management protects your online reputation from bad reviews by sending positive reviews directly online while keeping negative reviews visible only to you.

“We went from having just a handful of Google reviews to HUNDREDS, thanks to the automated prompts our clients receive!” Amber B.

Grow your business with referrals. article image

Grow your business with referrals.

For local businesses, word-of-mouth marketing is one of the easiest ways to grow. Referrizer allows you to casually ask your clients to refer a friend in text communication. Here is how you get more referrals with Referrizer:

  1. Automate referral campaigns and send them to existing clients, no matter how large of a database you have.
  2. Make referring super easy for your clients, so they actually don’t have to do any extra steps.
  3. Automate tracking of your referrals.

“I like the referral feature and the automated messaging features. As a small business owner it's nice to set things up and let them run without much maintenance.” Anita G.

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